Glass Vessels Full of Wedding Ceremony Colored Glass Crystals.

JLM Glass Studio is now offering a Unity Ceremony Package!

Share your wedding colors with us and we’ll special order the closest match made out of glass.

This image features glass crystals, AKA Frit, made to match your wedding colors
This image features the glass crystals being melted in the glassblowing furnace.

Use them during your wedding. Then return the glass and we’ll melt your colors into a glass heart.

Or you can schedule a class to do it yourselves!

This image features the glass crystals melted, twisted, and formed into a solid mass of glass ready to be poured into the heart mold.
This image features the product, a glass heart, made from the wedding's glass crystals.

Create a keepsake that will last like your love… forever.

The Unity Ceremony Package includes:

Special ordered glass colors to match your wedding colors.

Glass vessels to hold the glass crystals during your ceremony. (You can provide a set of glass vessels if preferred.)

A Glass Heart made with glass crystals used in your ceremony. You also have the option to make it yourself or order more!
Alternative glass objects can be made upon request with artist approval.

Shipping for vessels, colored crystals, and glass pieces available for an additional charge.